Direct Fill

Design Your Own Pillow
Design Your Own Pillow

  • Loose Poly Fill
  • Great for Outdoors
  • Water Drains Well
  • Soft density
  • Sewn shut; no zipper
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Moisture and mildew resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Fire retardant
  • Breathable material
  • Non-absorbent properties (drainable material)
  • Soft, cushioned material for increased comfort
  • Pliable material; yet maintains shape
  • Suited best for outdoor use, in addition to many indoor applications
  • Cost: $

Direct Fill: Soft, Loose Fill for Pillows and Tufted Cushions

Cushion with Direct Fill

Direct fill (loose polyfill) is an alternate form of cumulus filler used in the fabrication of various types of made-to-order cushions and pillows.

Because direct fill is a lightweight, finely-shredded and blown-in version of our popular CumuPlush filler, cushions and pillows that are tailored in the direct fill method will not retain the same density as those designed with a compressed, layered cumulus filling. However, because the inner material is relatively made of the same properties, custom products made with direct fill continue to maintain the integrity of compressed cumulus and preserve identical qualities.

Given the innovative characteristic to readily drain without absorbing and retaining moisture, the advanced combination of dry conjugate and flocculent polyfiber material allows for direct usage of the blow-in filling as an internal substitute to a variety of outdoor cushion and pillow fabrications.

Direct Fill products are sewn shut and do not include a zipper.

Due to the complexities associated with this type of fill: Direct fill measurement tolerances are not within our normal range of 1/2". Dimensions and thickness can vary by as much as 1" to 2". Click to see our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Cushion Source is determined to build quality, customized cushions and pillows from the inside out. The significance of owning a product made with direct fill means that you, as a customer, trust our ability to provide a filling that is certified for use in upholstered furniture and meets the following universal flammability codes:

  • California 117 U.F.A.C. F.A.A.
  • Boston Fire Code, article 11
  • FIRA (European flammability test)

During production, the direct fill polyfiber is machine blown into the interior shell of the cushion or pillow lining and then sewn shut (with no zipper). The fullness of the custom product is determined by the intricacies that the fabricator oversees at the time of loose fill. The end result always yields a product of exceptional quality.

Direct fill is primarily used as an alternative filling choice for when exact measurements are not required, as product dimensions and thicknesses will slightly vary. This is determined by type of custom product such as toss pillows that do not use a polybun insert or tufted style cushions with button enhancements. When ordering from the site, the direct fill option is always made available for custom products that can benefit from loose fill polyfiber.

Since direct fill is derived exclusively from CumuPlush brand cumulus, the loose fill is free from any known chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) - a volatile organic compound long used in manufacturing processes and now known for their part in ozone depletion. Another added incentive to using our direct polyfill is that the cumulus is fully recyclable. The direct fill option remains one of several filling options that Cushion Source offers as we work towards helping each customer create beautiful interior and exterior spaces with custom products that ultimately produce a healthier home and environment.